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Engineering & Test Directorate
Test Facilities

The Engineering & Test Directorate (ETD) is the office responsible for overseeing the safe operation of one of a kind national test facilities valued at over $2 billion and for overseeing several rocket engine propulsion test programs such as Space Shuttle Main Engine acceptance testing and Ares 1 J-2X engine testing for NASA's next generation of rockets for Lunar and Mars exploration.

Specifically, the directorate:
  • Manages, develops, operates and maintains SSC's Rocket Propulsion Test capabilities, including world-class people, facilities, and associated processes and procedures.
  • Accomplishes the development, flight certification, and acceptance testing of the Space Shuttle Main Engine.
  • Works directly with the Rocket Propulsion Test Management Board (RPTMB) to provide test operations services to a variety of customers including NASA, DoD, commercial entities, and others, for the development of propulsion systems, engines, subsystems, and components.
Stennis Space Center's Engineering & Test Directorate maintains full scale rocket engine/motor test facilities, component and small engine test facilities, and a materials test facility. Test facilities are comprised of two single position large scale engine test stands; one dual position large scale engine and stage test stand; and the E-Complex for testing of small engine and single/multiple components. Additional details can be found using links from this page. The Directorate also maintains engineering laboratory capabilities to support validation for modeling products, algorithm development, and sensor development to propulsion testing applications.
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Arial view of the Stennis Space Center Test Stands Area